Company History

Shoto Corporation, based in Shoto, Wisconsin is a family-owned business that was founded in 1954. Situated on the West Twin River, the main manufacturing and office complex was the former Neshoto Saw and Flour Mill, which was destroyed by fire in 1949. Portions of the existing structure were salvaged and re-built into 4,500 sq. ft. of space to start a local cabinet shop business (Shoto Fixture and Supply) with the first customers being home owners interested in beautiful kitchen and bath cabinetry.

Over the years, products manufactured expanded into numerous markets to address the ever-increasing demand for our products and capabilites. This expansion of products and customers required additional floor space with multiple facility expansions from 1963-1977.

In 1999, a second production facility was erected in nearby Two Rivers, Wisconsin to support growth and future expansion. This addition provided Shoto with over 100,000 square feet of production space. As facilities have grown, we have also continued to expand our capabilities by investing in state of the art CNC machinery, cutting-edge engineering software, and lean production processes. Regardless of the reliability and accuracy of our machinery, attention to detail and quality remains our hallmark. Shoto Corporation currently employs 75 full time employees and continues to produce first-class products at both facilities.

Project Commitment

Shoto’s approach to our client’s projects is taken with passion for innovation, quality, reliability, and time proven tradecraft tradition. Regardless of a projects size or complexity, Shoto has proven the ability to fulfill our customer’s needs with accurate and timely estimates, relevant samples and literature, precise engineering/drafting, and dependable project timelines. With this in mind, understand that our main goal is one thing: to transform the vision of our customers into reality.